Business Development for Software Providers


This Workshop is  built primarily for products and services companies which rely on software in order to be successful in their business. The workshop is particular useful for public companies which is living with a Quarterly 90 Days report cycle towards the stock market exchange. In the workshop you will develope an customer account strategy conformed. Focus areas are:

Customer maintained added values, Incentives, Growth, Customer buying cycles, Software Engagement Management etc..



Do you have insufficient payback regarding repeat sales on accounts?


Are there just a few  people in your company proactively trying to enable new businesses?


Do struggle how to prioritize important engagements versus the importance of the engagements?


Are there incentives set up on a group level to drive a behaviour towards collective responsibility?


Who are your companies constituents?, towards whom do you bear a responsibility?


Do you define a satisfied customer as "Successful Customer"?


Do you experience that your business-plan contain to much wording and lacking a real instrument of being able to capture: state of competition, your own status, account strategies and emerging state changes?


If the answer is YES on any of the above questions, then this is the seminar for your organization:



Number of attendees: Max 20
Delivery time: 1+2 Day

Format: Facilitated Workshop for a  specific organization
Overall Execution Time: 2 weeks
Customer references:

- BarClays Bank, UK
- Rational, UK, Sweden, France

This product demands:
Prerequisite is 1day assessment with the company�s management group regarding strategies, incentives and initiatives.
Price: 36.000 SEK

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