Project Risk Management and Iterative Methods


This seminar build a primarily understanding of what Iterative development is  and how it can be managed. A helicopter view on how a modern iterative process like the Rational Unified Process (RUP) looks like and how the process promotes risk-mitigation in software projects in order to reach successful project implementations.

  • Do you get disoriented in terminology while your communicating with your management span regarding progress on your IT-Projects?
  • Do you have a insufficient understanding between developing IT based solutions with a traditional "Waterfall" approach versus a modern "Iterative" risk based?

  • Are you uncertain which parameters  goes into a specific effort in your software projects and how they interact in order to reach success?

  • Do you prefer to manage rather than lead and engage in a software project or initiative?

  •   Do you have insufficient understanding how close roles/organisational change ties in to the an engineering discipline like software and which impact that will have on your software projects

  • Do you feel there is a fuzzy understanding between the role of a project manager and project leader?

  • Do you manage a project management pool today which are used to run software projects with a "waterfall"-based approach?


If the answer is YES on any of the above questions, then this is the seminar for your organization:


Number of attendees: Max 14
Duration: 1 day

Format: This is runned as a seminar.

Customer references:
- Alecta Equity, Sweden 

- Inland Revenue, U.K

- PMI, France

- Ericsson Corporate Management World Wide 
Prerequisites: None
Price: 18.000 SEK. (Max 14 Attendees, Group Price)

NOTE: Execution of the seminar is presented in English or Swedish. Course material is provided in English or Swedish.

Contact us: Lars Brodén