Patternmaker 2.0

A new version of our Code Generator Patternmaker 2.0 will be released during October for download on our Web Site. With the new version of Patternmaker 2.0 you can generate Administration GUI and/or Entity services for your database. It will now produce .NET Applications using Microsoft Web Client Software Factory. Generated Entity Services can easily be adopted with Microsoft Web Service Software Factory.


During release time we will also change our Web Site content and style to be totally data driven using Patternmaker generated code.

Patternmaker (1.9)

Rebuilt version of Patternmaker, soon to be released, which uses next version of .NET framework 2.0 with Themes, Security providers, Object Data sources etc. 

Patternmaker now runs as a standalone application side by side to Visual Studio.NET. The Rational Rose add-in has been discontinued.

The FREE version of Patternmaker generates code for Data, Business and Web Services. In next version Visual Studio.NET 2005 you will get a lot of screen building done automatically by using Patternmaker generated Business objects.  

The Patternmaker PRO version also contains advanced GUI templates, Security system and an Action handler to manage business activities.

Download Patternmaker 2.0 Help file

Here are some examle of applications built with PatternMaker:

- ParagraphPro (Legal cases for authorities, law firms and other organizations)

- Myran (Central invoicing and analysis for Dental Health Care using T4 Medical Records)

- MEA (Economy system for Healt Care)

- POJ (Medical records management for Psycological institutions)

- Filmdekor (Web based movie/theater production at Uddevalla kommun from Alero)

- ISI (Web based Procure system using Jeeves economy system)

- Lugnet (Web based Soccer Team site)

- WapLugnet (Wap based Soccer Team site)

- Northwind (Web based PatternMaker.NET sample application)


Contact us: Lars Fredholm


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Patternmaker 1.1

PatternMaker Rose Link is a Code Generator generating executable code from Your Rational Rose Model or Microsoft Visual Modeler. The tool supports any textual based language and contains templates with .NET(new), HTML-Javascript or Visual Basic.

bullet Demo application Northwind

bullet White Paper

bullet Information-CD

bullet Download PatternMaker

bullet FAQ

bullet Technical Support  Tel: +46 (0)8-462 3070, Fax: +46 (0)8-462 3079

bullet Report(PatternMaker) from Linkoping University, Department of Computer and Information Science authored by Oskar Persson/Joakim Bjorklund (PDF-file) 

bullet Patternmaker Broschyre (Swedish) of generated webapplikation in .NET.


Contact us: Lars Fredholm



  • Project Risk Management and Iterative Methods


    This seminar build a primarily understanding of what Iterative development is  and how it can be managed. A helicopter view on how a modern iterative process like the Rational Unified Process (RUP) looks like and how the process promotes risk-mitigation in software projects in order to reach successful project implementations.

    • Do you get disoriented in terminology while your communicating with your management span regarding progress on your IT-Projects?
    • Do you have a insufficient understanding between developing IT based solutions with a traditional "Waterfall" approach versus a modern "Iterative" risk based?

    • Are you uncertain which parameters  goes into a specific effort in your software projects and how they interact in order to reach success?

    • Do you prefer to manage rather than lead and engage in a software project or initiative?

    •   Do you have insufficient understanding how close roles/organisational change ties in to the an engineering discipline like software and which impact that will have on your software projects

    • Do you feel there is a fuzzy understanding between the role of a project manager and project leader?

    • Do you manage a project management pool today which are used to run software projects with a "waterfall"-based approach?


    If the answer is YES on any of the above questions, then this is the seminar for your organization:


    Number of attendees: Max 14
    Duration: 1 day

    Format: This is runned as a seminar.

    Customer references:
    - Alecta Equity, Sweden 

    - Inland Revenue, U.K

    - PMI, France

    - Ericsson Corporate Management World Wide 
    Prerequisites: None
    Price: 18.000 SEK. (Max 14 Attendees, Group Price)

    NOTE: Execution of the seminar is presented in English or Swedish. Course material is provided in English or Swedish.

    Contact us: Lars Brod�n


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